MyAnmol HR Solutions operate in a variety of industries and have a client list that ranges from small care agencies to multinational technology firms. Our HR consultants have extensive experience in the HR sector; experience that they use to resolve any employment issues that arise.
Our cost effective business support delivers the highest standard of employment law advice available, and will ensure that your business remains protected.

YOUR only Competitive ADVANTAGE is

Every organization is different with a different culture, a different personality and a different perspective on how the business is run. We know it is a bit cliché to say this, but employees ARE the most important aspect of any profitable business. The trick is to have the most productive and caring people you can get and keep them motivated to achieve even more every day.
At MyAnmol HR Solutions, we believe there should be no such thing as a “cookie cutter” approach to our clients’ needs. Everything we do for our clients is customized! We are the experts in employment compliance AND employee motivation. We know the rules and we know what makes people tick.

It’s all about YOU and YOUR business.

MyAnmol HR Solutions provides a broad range of Human Resource Services for small to medium sized companies. You can select the entire package or only those programs needed. For a nominal monthly fee to al la carte pricing, MyAnmol HR Solution can provide all of the legal and regulatory support necessary in today’s business environment.